Your Hybrid has Implications on Plant Health and ROI

Jun 21, 2021

Environment, disease outlook, and field history are some of the factors to consider when to move forward with a fungicide application. Your hybrid's response to fungicide is another important part of the puzzle. 

Each year, our distributing partner, WinField United tests 240 hybrids across seed brands to determine response-to-fungicide (RTF) scores. Unlike most seed guides, which base disease ratings on visual observations, Answer Plot data is used to calculate the potential yield response of a fungicide application by hybrid. The trials are replicated more than 200 times to account for different growing conditions and geographies for consistency of the RTF rating.

A high or even moderate RTF score can make a big difference in bushels per acre which in turn makes an impact on an operation's bottom line. 

Hybrids with a Moderate RTF designation can potentially preform almost double the bushels per acre compared to a hybrid with an RTF score in the Low range, and a hybrid with a High designation approaches three times that of a Low response score.  

This shows that your variety matters when it comes to ROI on a fungicide application.

Download the PDF of Popular Hybrid RTF Scores Here.

A hybrid's RTF score is just one of the considerations when making the decision to apply fungicide. Your Co-Alliance Agronomy team member knows the specifics of your field to maximize its yield.Contact us to discuss your field-specific needs. 

But there are other factors that go into a fungicide decision. Jason Roth, Winfield United Agronomist, walks through some of those factors regarding corn and fungicide in the video below.

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