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About Co-Alliance Cooperative

Focusing On Tomorrow While Celebrating Our Past

Co-Alliance is a modern partnership of local agricultural and energy cooperatives with community roots established in the 1920s.

We combine industry expertise, high quality products, and leading-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions in energy, agronomy, grain marketing, and swine/animal nutrition to our customers – members and non-members.

Our headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we have more than 80 locations across Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Our Leading Vision: 

Co-Alliance aspires to redefine excellence delivered by a trusted team.  

It Starts and Ends with Service.

We are a service-oriented company, and we seek to make our customers lives easier by being their local resource for the services and products we offer. We also serve our communities and employees by creating a vibrant, positive environment that adds to their quality of life.

Our Mission is to:

Lead. Grow. Give. Remember.

with people and technology




back locally


we are a cooperative

Farmer Established, Farmer Owned

Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc., was formally established in 2002, but our roots date to the 1920s. At that time, farmers banded together to form co-ops to gain buying clout for their inputs and selling power for the goods they produced.


The first half of the 20th century saw the development and early success of local farmer-owned county cooperatives in our trade area. By 1960, there was a co-op in nearly every county in Indiana working to serve farmers.

Since then, cooperatives have consolidated, and Co-Alliance is the result of the merger of five cooperatives. We are now one of the largest, most successful agribusiness and energy marketing and supply cooperatives in the Midwest.

Living Our Mission

From the youngest child to our most senior neighbor, Co-Alliance seeks to make a positive impact on every member of the communities we serve.

We’re a service-oriented company owned and operated by people who live in the community, and we have a vested interest in supporting those we serve.

Being active in the communities and giving back is part of our mission. We donate time, money and use of our facilities to numerous local organizations. We also participate in local festivals and events.

Over the years, we’ve returned millions of dollars to our communities in patronage, equity and support for programs. We’re proud of our cooperative roots, and the spirit of the cooperative is helping the community.


Board of Directors

The function of the Board of Directors is to evaluate the overall direction and strategy of the cooperative business, which has core divisions of Agronomy, Energy, Grain and Swine & Animal Nutrition. Directors are elected to 4-year terms by the shareholders in their district.

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