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Building Communities By Investing In People

A Member-Owned, Customer-Driven, Employee-Focused Cooperative.

Celebrating the Cooperative Spirit

From the youngest child to our most senior neighbor, Co-Alliance seeks to make a positive impact on every member of the communities we serve.

Our owners and employees live here, and our cooperative spirit runs deep and true. 

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Preparing to Respond

Grain entrapment and engulfment can turn into tragedy for anyone working around grain storage facilities, such as bins and elevators when proper safety guidelines are not followed. When an accident occurs, it takes quick action makes all the difference. Co-Alliance conducts about 12 training sessions per year with community fire departments to prepare for these instances. Utilizing a grain engulfment simulator, first responders from the fire departments can practice using a rescue tube to free the victim. We hope that instances of engulfment and entrapment never occur and stress to those working with grain storage to enter a bin only when necessary and comply with all safety guidelines and rules.

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We’re a service-oriented company owned and operated by people who live in the community, and we have a vested interest in supporting those we serve.  


We use our internship programs to evaluate potential employees and develop a talent pool in an increasingly competitive job market.

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