Will We Reach Maturity?

With the late planting season, many growers are rightly concerned about if their corn can reach maturity– most easily identified by a black layer forming at the tips of the kernel — before the pivotal first frost date.

However there is good news; studies from Purdue have found that for every day after May 1st, corn hybrids mature in 6.8 GDDs less per day.

Example: a hybrid rated at 2500 GDDs from planting to physiological maturity (kernel black layer) and planted on May 31 reaches physiological maturity in less than 2300 GDDs after planting (e.g., 2500 – (30 days x 6.8)).

While traditional GDU models are unable to take this ‘boosting’ ability into account, the DataOnTouch WeatherView App has the ability to forecast a prediction of GDD accumulation.

Using trend data from the past 20 years combined with Purdue research, WeatherView is able to forecast a predicted first frost date for your area and then chart the GDU your hybrid has gained since it’s plant date. Building on this data, Weatherview offers a prediction on whether or not your hybrid will accumulate enough GGDs to hit black layer before first frost.

How to view GDD predictions in DatatonTouch

  • Use your account to log into DataOnTouch and enter the WeatherView App
  • Select your field and weather station from the menus on the black bar on right side of the screen
  • Select the Trend Data option from the blue bar near the top of the screen
  • Select you Hybrid and Plant Date from the menus on the black bar the the right side of the screen
  • The line chart will populate based on the information you have selected. If your hybrid line meets the black layer on the chart before the marked first frost date, your hybrid is predicted to meet maturity.

For more information visit www.getdataontouch.com or contact your Co-Alliance Agronomy Team Member.