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Get accurate up-to-date weather information local for your farm.

<<Weather Maps

This intereractive map allows you to view, animate and pan many interactive maps.  By clicking on the layers button on the upper left side of the box.  By clicking on this graphic you will see a flyout menu with the full list of maps available. 
When you find a map you want to see, click on the small box next to the name and that layer will be added to your larger map.  Click on the the gray arrow on the fly out menu to retract the flyout menu and see your full map. 
At the bottom you have 

  • Severe Weather Risks
  • Soil Temperatures, 
  • Growing Degree Days.
  • Palmer Drought Index
  • 24-hour forecast predictions
  • plus many more

US Weather Maps >>

The US Map allows a range of different views ranging from severe weather risk to surface temperature.

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