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Mar 16, 2020

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How does the Preferred Payment Plan work?

Our qualifying customers make 11 equal monthly payments based on their historical usage or the customers preferred number of gallons.  There is no additional fee for being on our Preferred Payment Plan.  You simply pay for the estimated gallons and sales tax. There are no processing fees, interest or initialization fees.  Our Preferred Payment Plan customers still get the advantage of Summer Fill discounts as well as our fixed winter price through the winter months.

Can I adjust my contract monthly payment after I sign the contract?

Yes.  However, we based the suggested payment on predicted gallons needed for the upcoming heating season.  You can raise the number of gallons which offers more protection in the event of a higher demand year or you can choose to lessen the number of gallons if you feel you will not use the amount predicted.  By increasing or decreasing the number of gallons contracted your monthly preferred payment will increase or decrease.  If you choose to decrease the number of predicted gallons and you end up using more gallons, the additional gallons needed will be purchased at market price.  Also, please be prepared that at the close of the Preferred Payment season you most likely will have an additional balance due.

Can I pay my Preferred Payment Plan all at once if I want to?  If I do is there a discount?

You can make all of your preferred payments at once; however there is not an additional discount for early payments.  You might want to consider the Pre-Pay Plan and purchase at a reduced price from our Preferred Payment Plan.

Is my Preferred Payment Plan price a set or fixed price?

Your contract price is a set or fixed price for a set or fixed number of gallons for the winter season and will not be affected by winter price increases.  The set price covers all deliveries up to the set number of gallons made between the months of October through March.  This timeframe is selected as this is when market price for propane is typically highest.  In the rare event that market price drops below the set contract price we will charge the previously contracted price.

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Mar 25, 2020
In light of the Covid-19 situation Co-Alliance is implementing a series of questions regarding health and travel status before in-home propane service calls will be scheduled or completed.  This measure is being done to protect both our customers and employees. 
Mar 16, 2020
Co-Alliance offers a variety of propane programs tailored to fit customer’s needs, read the full FAQ too learn about our preferred plans, what type of discounts are available, our out of gas policy and other facts you may have questions about.  

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