Three Ways Co-Alliance Delivers the Greatest Worksite Solutions

Feb 28, 2022

Co-Alliance is invested in providing worksite solutions to help jobsites big and small run efficiently. We are proud to deliver premium CountryMark fuels daily throughout much of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

As a cooperative, we focus on the importance of quality products, reliable service, and our local dedication to the communities we serve.

When it comes to your jobsite needs Co-Alliance delivers:

1. Premium Dieselex-4 Fuel.

As a CountryMark dealer, we understand that fuel quality is important. That is why we offer our Premium Dieselex-4 fuel. This fuel is specifically designed to perform in the toughest of conditions. To help in the performance, it has been designed with these additives: Lubricity, Detergency, Cetane, and Stability. All additives allow extended fuel system life so that you can keep your job rolling and focus less on maintenance.

2. Reliable Service.

Fuel quality is important, but so is service. Co-Alliance offers fuel-related services to maximize performance and minimize expenses on your jobsite. Our price risk management enables customers to secure fixed and flex contracts of fuel pricing for up to 12 months at a time. Mitigating the risk of fluctuating markets helps keep budgets on track.

3. Local Energy Team is here for you!

Our local energy sales specialist knows your needs... and they are ready to work with you on a plan that meets your individual contracting needs. We believe no other retailer can claim to have reliable service, quality products, and are local like Co-Alliance, backed by the broad selection of liquid fuel and lubricant options.

To learn more about how Co-Alliance can deliver for you, please contact us at  or by calling 800-525-0272 and our team will connect you with your local Energy Sales Rep. 

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