2 Crop Considerations for the Week of April 24th

Apr 24, 2023

Co-Alliance Agronomist Jason Roth discusses crop considerations for the week of April 24, 2023 

1. Temperatures Still Cold 

As of Saturday morning, soil temperatures dropped below 50 degrees and as of Monday morning, they were hovering around 40 degrees. So we're in that 40-45 degree temperature for two-inch soil temps, which means we're not going to get GDU accumulation and we're not going to get any development in the crop. Over the next few days, I would not recommend planting any corn due to the chilly weather and rain coming in over the course of the week. 

2. Burn Down 

Marestail and purple deadnettle are still around but due to cold temperatures I would recommend waiting until later in the day when the sun is up for awhile to allow weeds to take in herbicides. 

If you have any questions about these topics please reach out to your Co-Alliance representative. 

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