3 Crop Considerations for the Week of April 17th

Apr 17, 2023

Co-Alliance Agronomist Jason Roth discusses crop considerations for the week of April 17, 2023 

1.  Imbibitional Chilling 

The danger window for imbibitional chilling is 24-48 hours after planting while water is being imbibed into the seed. Threshold temps for when injury can occur is believed to be when temps are less than 50 degrees. Overall, not a huge concern for Co-Alliance growers. A possible exception could be fields planted on Saturday, particularly field planted later in the day. Learn more here

2. Alfalfa Weevil Appearing 

Alfalfa Weevil has been showing up in southern Indiana and becoming a problem. It is starting to feed and cause damage to plants, so be sure to be scouting for this pest and treating accordingly.

3. Winter Wheat 

Wheat is node feekes six or seven which would be the first or second node which means flag leaf will be coming around the corner. Be aware of the stage of your wheat fields and prepared for the next step in wheat management as soon as the flag leaf emerges. 

If you have any questions about these three topics please reach out to your Co-Alliance representative. 


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