SuperU Premium Fertilizer

May 02, 2023

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Backed by more than 25 years of research and hundreds of trials, SUPERU® premium fertilizer offers the highest concentration (46%) of nitrogen available in a finished, ready-to-use, granular fertilizer product.

Utilizing exclusive N-TEGRATION® Technology to integrate the active ingredients evenly into every granule, SUPERU contains both a urease and nitrification inhibitor to guard against volatilization, denitrification and leaching. Above ground, NBPT, a urease inhibitor, protects nitrogen until it can be incorporated into the soil. Below ground, DCD, a nitrification inhibitor, extends the time nitrogen is stable and available for plant uptake.

How SUPERU Works:

When urea is applied to soil, urease enzymes begin to break down the urea molecule where it becomes subject to volatilization loss. NBPT slows the breakdown of urea, providing more time for the urea to be incorporated by rainfall or other means, allowing for optimum nutrient uptake.
Below ground, ammonia converts into the ammonium state, which plants can readily absorb as nutrients. Eventually, soil bacteria will convert ammonium into nitrate, which is highly susceptible to denitrification and leaching. DCD slows the conversion of ammonium into nitrate, extending the window of time for crop uptake.

What Can SUPERU Do For You?


Agronomically-effective levels of active ingredients, NBPT and DCD, are incorporated into every granule of SUPERU to provide protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss. This means you get unsurpassed productivity and efficiency in every application.


SUPERU allows for broader and more even spread patterns, meaning growers can cover more acres in less time than with UAN and anhydrous ammonia.


Backed by 25 years of research and hundreds of trials, the science behind SUPERU fertilizer gives you the assurance that your nitrogen investment is protected above and below ground. In a study conducted across four locations and 15 different site years by the University of Illinois, agronomists looked at 19 different combinations of nitrogen form, placement and timing, and SUPERU broadcast at planting ranked number one with an average corn yield of 229 bu/acre.1


The amount of DCD delivered by a product has an impact on how well that product will inhibit the loss of nitrogen through nitrification. Research shows the concentration of DCD in the soil has a direct influence on the percent of nitrification, meaning higher concentrations of DCD equate to higher rates of nitrification inhibition, thus reducing below-ground losses.

Through the N-TEGRATION process, SUPERU offers an active ingredient load of 8,500 ppm of DCD, which is proven to provide the amount needed to effectively prevent losses.

Don’t leave your nitrogen investment at risk to loss.

To learn more about SUPERU premium fertilizer contact your Co-Alliance representative today or click here to request a quote. 

1 Source: Emerson Nafziger presentation at 2018 North Central Soil Fertility Conference. Funded by NREC.University of Illinois. 2015-2018 (4 locations, 15 site years) 150 lbs N/acre application rate. 
SUPERU, the SUPERU logo and N-TEGRATION are trademarks of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC.

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