Fungicide on Soybeans

Jul 01, 2020

Brown spot, cercospora, downy mildew, rust, frogeye leaf spot, are just a few of the diseases that may find their way into your soybean fields this growing season and unfortunately by the time recognizable symptoms begin to show, your yield is already impacted. Fungicides play a critical role in preventative maintenance on your fields.

When it comes to fungicide application, timing is a critical factor. The most stress on a soybean plant occurs around the R1 or first flowering stage, therefore that’s when protection is most critical and the first fungicide should be applied.

Due to the physical structure of the soybean plant, it is important to remember that a fungicide application doesn’t spread across the plant as easily as corn, so as new growth happens additional protection in the form of more fungicide applications needs to occur.

The apply-or-not apply question you might be asking yourself is “Does fungicide strengthen my yield?” Our friends at WinField United conducted a series of experiments on the effect fungicide application has on soybeans. They found that not only does a fungicide application increase soybean yields regardless of disease environment, it also helped the soybean plants stay greener for a longer period of time, extending the pod-fill period. 

Of course, the difference can be seen by the naked eye.

Deciding on fungicide application is often made on a per field basis. Your Co-Alliance Agronomy team member knows the specifics of your field to maximize its yield. Contact us to discuss your field-specific fungicide needs. 

All photos are either the property of WinField United or used with permission.


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