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Nov 09, 2021

Co-Alliance continues to deliver on protecting our growers’ most valuable investment: the seed.
When you consider the rapidly passing years you’ve planted a crop and how decisions made in preparation have affected your farm’s viability, you certainly put more consideration into the choices made.

Co-Alliance understands that it is tremendously valuable to provide our growers the best options as far as treatment on their corn and soybeans. Your window for capturing the greatest ROI is extremely limited these days and delaying a step in your production practice could mean the difference of a good crop and a great crop. 

Providing you with the best seed treatments to guard against diseases such as phytophthora, pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium, or insects may seem like table-steaks, but there are real differences. The playbook is even more expanded as we now must look at possible cyst or SDS protection along with providing greater inoculation and biostimulants to help signal that seedling to get off to a start faster with added nutrient packages.

It is critical that you partner with excellent suppliers to evaluate the best seed treatment available so you can prepare to plant with confidence.  Co-Alliance’s size and scale provides us the ability to mix and match solutions unique to the grower based on concerns that you might have for different fields and at different planting periods.
Today, our key partners of Syngenta, Rosen’s, and Verdesian, among others, allow us to individually create the right solutions at an economical price for the grower.  Each solution for targeted concerns in emerging seedling development is the best in the industry, and thus provides you with the greatest ROI. 

Our local agronomy specialist is trained to know every challenge you could face in planting, and we take pride in the amount of understanding per acre we share on your farm.  We encourage you to reach out to your local Co-Alliance agronomy specialist today to ensure the decisions made today will ensure success and longevity in 2022.   

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