Anticipate your Growth Stages with DataOnTouch Trend Data

Jul 01, 2020

DataOnTouch Trend Data
When planning your fungicide application, timing is just one of the many factors to consider. Often a fungicide is only deemed successful if it is applied before disease has a yield-affecting impact. There are general rules of thumb for timing a fungicide application – the most stressful growth period for soybeans is the R1 or flowering stage, and for corn it’s protecting the ever-important grain fill period. But those goals aren’t quite as useful when it comes to scheduling your application on a calendar. That’s where DataOnTouch and Weatherview can help.

Inside Weatherview on the DataOnTouch platform is a Trend Data Tab that pulls ten-year average historical rainfall and temperature data for an area to predict when a selected hybrid will hit growth stage benchmarks.

It also shows an estimated black layer date as well as a traditional first frost, taking out some of the guess work as we get closer to harvest.

How to View Trend Data in Weatherview on DataOnTouch

Sign in to your DataOnTouch account at or though the DataOnTouch app for your mobile device.

Click the Weatherview DOT and choose the appropriate account.

In the blue menu bar near the top of your screen, select “Trend Data”

On the black leftside bar  make sure the correct, farm, date range, station, variety, and planting date are correct. This information should already be preloaded for you. If you see something incorrect, please contact the Co-Alliance Ag tech team or your Co-Alliance Agronomy team member.

The chart will populate with trend data for the specific hybrid and planting date using ten-year historical weather data from the weather station. Much like this data for a field of DKC 67-44 near Tipton, Indiana.Trend-Data-1200.jpg

As you can see based on this chart, DKC 67-44 will hit mid pollination on July 13th. There's a date to plan your fungicide application!

How to Make the Most of the Trend Data Chart

Find the current date line on the chart. Everything to the left of that line is in the past and an accurate record. Everything to the right of that line is a prediction based on ten years of weather data.

Show as much or a little information as you like by clicking the data line categories below the graph.

To zoom in on an area of the graph, select the area of the graph by clicking and dragging until the area you wish to zoom in on is highlighted.

Remember that the predictions updated based on real temperatures and rainfall as they occur. As weather happens the chart will update.

This growing season is on us. Co-Alliance customers can access DataOnTouch for free until Oct 31st. Contact your Co-Alliance Agronomy team member or visit for details.


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