Grain Contracts

Specialized Grain Contracts for Individual Needs

Co-Alliance is proud to offer a variety of customizable grain contracts that allows each producer to choose a plan specific to their needs and goals. Our team is prepared to work with you in selecting the most appropriate plan for your farm.

Priced Contracts

Priced contracts are fixed, meaning they have specific delivery requirements and no flexibility on final price.

Basis Contract

Board price must be set prior to expiration date in the contract. Basis contracts may be rolled forward to another board contract month, at the spread between the futures months, plus a fee for a contract change.

Hedge-To-Arrive (HTA)

At the time of an HTA contract, the board price is established, and final price is then determined when the basis is set. The basis must be set prior to time of delivery or before the contract expiration date.

The HTA contract takes advantage of high futures levels, leaving opportunity for basis to improve. Futures downside price risk is eliminated, and the producer has no margin calls or exchange fees.

Minimum Priced Contract

A Minimum Priced Contract establishes a guaranteed base price protecting a producer against lower prices but permits participation if the market rallies. The final price will be the minimum price plus any value the option provides if the market rallies prior to the expiration of the option.

Delayed Pricing

A Delayed Priced Contract allows a producer to move grain to a Co-Alliance location without establishing any price. Charges are subject to market conditions.

Price Target Offers

A Price Target Offer contract takes advantage of short-lived day or night rallies. If a price target contact is chosen the grain will be priced at an offer, and if the market rallies past the set offer, additional gains will not be realized.

Structured Grain Contracts

Structured grain contracts are cash contracts designed to meet the producer’s specific pricing needs.

Managed Bushel Programs

Managed Bushel Program contracts remove the emotion from selling by placing marketing decisions in the hands of algorithmic-driven deep market artificial intelligence or human traders with years of proven trade expertise.

There is an inherent risk in grain marketing. Grain marketing decisions are the decision of individual producers. Co-Alliance assumes no responsibility for grain marketing decisions made by individual producers.

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