Cooperative Financing for Farmers

Co-Alliance Finance

Co-Alliance Financing: Investing in Our Member Owners


Co-Alliance is proud to invest our hard-earned capital back to our member-owners, that’s why we provide financing for crop nutrients, promotional chemistry program on eligible products, application, and ag-purpose energy. These programs do require some security but are structured with the farmer in mind using fall terms for smoother cash flow easy access to prepay pricing.


Input loan resources below $100K -Required Documents:

  • All found within the Co-Alliance Finance Application Packet
  • Co-Alliance Finance Application
  • Co-Alliance Finance Crop Information Collateral Worksheet
  • Co-Alliance Finance Equipment Worksheet

Input Loan resources above $100K – Required Documents:

  • Co-Alliance Finance Application
  • Co-Alliance Finance Crop Information Collateral Worksheet
  • Co-Alliance Finance Equipment Worksheet


  • Balance Sheet (Year End 12/31/xx or sometime within the crop year)
  • Most Recent Federal Income Taxes

Promotional Chemistry Program

The Promotional Chemistry Finance program is available to qualifying customers to cover purchases of select Corteva and Syngenta products up to $100,000. Apply using the Co-Alliance Application packet. No loan origination fee required.

Co-Alliance Finance Application Packet

Includes the Co-Alliance Finance Application, Co-Alliance Finance Crop Information Collateral Worksheet, and Co-Alliance Finance Equipment Worksheet. Completion of this packet is required for all Co-Alliance financing programs, including the Promotional Chemistry Program.

Partner Programs

Co-Alliance offers a range of financing options through its preferred partners to fill an operation’s individual needs. Contact the Co-Alliance Finance department for more information about specific programs available to you.

John Deere Financial

We consider John Deere Financing a preferred partner of Co-Alliance and we’re proud to offer their financing products with great promotional rates on seed and chemistry programs. For those seeking a broader financing option, the JDF Multi-use program qualifies for all ag inputs from the major suppliers. JDF uses unsecured fall terms. Apply for a JDF account or request a credit increase below.

Brevant, Dekalb/Asgrow, and Spectrum Non-GMO seed programs are available.

Rabo AgriFinance

Rabo offers great promotional rates on seed and chemistry to broaden access to funding sources for growers. In addition to major supplier promotions, specific input opportunities exist for opportunistic purchases. Rabo also offers fall terms for growers looking to match maturity of loans with the cash flow cycle of crops.   Apply for a Rabo account below or ask your agronomy team member.

Programs for Brevant and NK seed products, and well as fertilizer are available.


Corteva TruChoice

TruChoice is a new preferred partner of Co-Alliance that offers competitive financing on all Corteva products. Alongside a Prime (-) rate, participants can receive a 5% discount on Corteva products though TruChoice pre-pay program.

Programs for crop protection products are available.