Premium Quality Products and Service

Co-Alliance Energy

Only the Best Quality Energy Products for Your Success

We offer customers premium quality fuels and lubricants, and we back everything we sell with knowledgeable, reliable service and delivery. We are committed to helping local farmers, businesses, and fleets succeed every day.

We have locations in five states, and we proudly offer CountryMark products in Indiana and Michigan as well as national brands across our territory.

Farming is part of our DNA.

As a farmer-owned cooperative, we serve agriculture with a vested interest in the success of our owners. Co-Alliance member owners benefit from their energy purchases through patronage refunds and equity in the cooperative.

Products and Services for the Farm


Gasoline and premium diesel

from CountryMark and other national brands


Co-Alliance propane

for grain drying, heating and other uses


On-farm deliveries

tailored to your operation’s needs


Exclusive rewards

because you must be a farmer to be a co-op member


We proudly supply premium CountryMark fuels. Refined in Indiana, these hard-working fuels provide power, performance and protection for on-road and off-road engines. Get More per Gallon with CountryMark™.


Our Ohio customers can take advantage of BP fuel — powerful, reliable, and efficient fuel made with the perfect mix of additives to help reduce emissions and protect your engine.

Co-Alliance Member

Fueling Business and Communities.

We go above and beyond for our commercial energy neighbors, and we offer proven products and knowledgeable service to help you succeed.


Premium Diesel and Gasoline

In Indiana and Michigan, we proudly offer CountryMark on-road and off-road diesel. In Ohio, we offer quality national brands, such as BP and Marathon.

No matter where you buy Co-Alliance fuels, rest assured that it will be the highest quality. Every gallon we sell is winterized during the cold months.

We also have the ability to deliver fuels where and when you need them. Please contact a Co-Alliance representative for details.

Fleet Services  


Let us take some of the management stress off your shoulders. No matter the size of your fleet, Co-Alliance has solutions to help keep your vehicles on the road and your business operating.

By providing quality fuels you can count on, you’ll never have to worry about efficiency or unsafe emissions.

From easily accessible fueling stations throughout the territory, to fuel management programs, to contracting, our decades of experience means we have a solution for any challenge.

Propane Cylinders  


Whether you need temporary heating for on-site jobs, cylinder fills, or are ready to join other schools districts in the switch to propane autogas, our experts can find a solution that works for any situation.

DEF Services  


With Tier 4 engine systems in full swing, we offer DEF to our customers. Spray DEF into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

We carry DEF in multiple sizes, and we can deliver in bulk to commercial locations.

Clean, Warm, Reliable Propane

Co-Alliance Propane is the choice for thousands of area homeowners.

Maximum Protection, Maximum Choice.

Whether you have a high-horsepower tractor, semi-truck or a personal vehicle, Co-Alliance has the lubricant and oil products you need.

We offer all sizes, including pails, kegs, drums, totes and bulk deliveries. We carry national brands such as Castrol, Phillips 66, Marathon and Shell, and we feature a full line of CountryMark lubes and greases in Indiana and Michigan.

Multi-brand Distributor

We carry multiple brands of the following products:


Voyager Fuel Cards

Make filling up at the pump simple with our Voyager Fuel Cards. Co-Alliance Voyager fleet cars are your single solution to your fleet, giving you access to: 

  • One of the nation's largest fueling networks. Your card works whereever Voayger cards are accepted, as well as any CountryMark branded station.
  • Retail pricing no matter where you use your card. 

Energy Contacts

Mark Ransom

(317) 340-9201


Lebanon, Frankfort, Tipton, Flora, Chalmers, Swayzee

Brant Benson

(269) 363-0257


Schoolcraft, Buchanan, Rolling Prairie, Union Mills, Malden, Argos

Alan Doup

(740) 819-5657



Doug Henderson

(317) 557-1877


Bainbridge, Danville, Martinsville, Indianapolis Metro