YieldPRO Scouts inspect fields for weeds, insects, diseases, and other observations.  

  • Create scouting reports that identify weeds, insects, diseases, growth stages, stand counts, and any field anomalies
  • Report observations to coordinators and region enablement leads
  • Utilize drones to make observations and collect data (select individuals)
  • Collect tissue samples and data from in-field trials
  • Create region scouting summaries from data collected each week


Student Coordinators manage a team of 4-5 YieldPRO Interns in a designated region. 

  • Review scouting reports to ensure accuracy of weed/disease/insect observations, growth staging, stand counts, nutrient deficiencies, and other field anomalies. This also includes grammatical accuracy.
  • Report observations to Enablement Leads
  • Provide agronomic and technical diagnostic support to interns remotely and directly
  • Work with enablement lead on special projects through summer
  • Work with region team to create scouting summaries from data collected each week