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We Are Co-Alliance: Bobby Boone

July 9, 2021
Those in rural America agriculture aren't generally the proud type. How can you be when your livelihood, passion and progress depends on weather and markets - neither of which you can control?

But when we see one of our own do well, we may just be proud enough to share their story with all of you. 

Co-Alliance is successful only because of the people we employ. Every so often, we're going to highlight employees who exemplify excellence. 

We'll start with Bobby Boone. 

Bobby Boone is a liquid fuels driver out of our Richmond, Indiana energy hub. Bobby serves commercial and farm accounts and he does so quite well. You may think we only hear from employees when they're unhappy, but not in the case of Bobby. We often get phone calls and emails about the outstanding quality of service, friendly smile and prompt responsivness Bobby demonstrates. 

But get this:

Bobby has passed 8 of his last 9 road-side inspections with no violations. This is incredible! To add to that, 7 of those were while he was driving an 11-year-old fuel truck. He's recently been upgraded :)

We went out in the field and in the office to talk to farmers, business owners and Co-Alliance employees about Bobby's performance and character. From here, we'll let them do the talking:
Thank you, Bobby, for driving towards excellence,
quality service with a smile and
exemplary safety every single day. 

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