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Co-Alliance Animal Nutrition

Feed Mills: Doing it right, every day, every batch.

Co-Alliance serves livestock and poultry producers with complete, quality feeds produced at state-of-the-art mills in Columbia City and Reynolds, Indiana. We also operate a mill in Constantine, Michigan, where we make conventional and organic feed for beef, pig, poultry and sheep.

Our Indiana mills exceed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards and produce roughly 400,000 tons of feed annually. We are experts in swine feed manufacturing, and we’re able to serve the needs of large swine operations from sow barns and nurseries to grow/finish operators. We work closely with our customers to create customized formulations to fit their needs, and we deliver regionally within a radius of the mills.

Swine Production

A Family Farm Opportunity

To secure additional value for our cooperative members, Co-Alliance raises, manages and markets hogs. These facilities utilize our feed and allow us to capture more value from the grains and oilseeds produced by our farmer members.

 Currently, our pig supply comes from a mix of internally owned sow farms and supply agreements with production partners. We contract with over one hundred family farms to raise our wean-to-finish pigs.

Please contact us to learn more about our swine production operations and business opportunities.

Animal Health Delivered

Our facility in Bainbridge, Indiana offers bulk delivery of feed ingredients, minerals, amino acids and animal health products to customers in a four-state region. Backed by experience, our team works directly with manufacturers to provide the best value for our customers and their livestock.