The YieldPRO Acre

Understanding each field’s variability is key to determining yield limiting factors. The YieldPRO™ Acre services allow growers to better understand these factors that ultimately impact their profitability.

Field variability is determined by factors such as:

  • Topography
  • Water Holding Capacity
  • Native Nutrient Holding Capacity
  • Soil Depth
  • Soil Texture
  • Drainage Classification
  • Soil Organic Matter
  • Crop Yield History
  • Weather
  • Soil Testing

Consistent and repeatable data collection and analysis is critical to understand the soil limiting factors. YieldPRO™ Acre fields will be soil sampled every four years. To get the most accurate soil testing data, we only use the highest credible soil labs in the industry along with precise soil sampling procedures conducted by our employees.

The health of a field’s soil is directly tied to the productivity and profitability of each acre. The collection of productivity variables is just the beginning of improving soil health. Individual soil productivity variables do little to inform growers on the complex tapestry of soil health needs. It is the combination of multiple productivity variables and management practices to create a soil health profile that is needed to properly make prescriptive recommendations.

The right product at the right time and the right rate brings incredible value to your farming operation. The YieldPRO™ Acre understands each field’s productivity variability and soil health to now take that knowledge into action by creating prescriptive practices to increase ROI.

The Co-Alliance agronomy team in works with each grower to further understand their production constraints and management philosophies to create placement recommendations on the following:

  • Variable Rate Lime
  • Variable Rate Phosphorus
  • Variable Rate Potassium
  • Sulfur
  • Seed Inputs
  • Variable Rate Seeding
  • Nitrogen Modeling
  • Variable Rate Nitrogen
  • Micronutrients
  • Biological Products


POTASSIUM RECOMENDATION = ((Landscape position x (Parent Material X Depth X Texture X Water Holding Capacity) (Native CEC X Native OM X Native pH X Native P X Native K )/ ((Soil Test CEC X Soil Test pH X Soil Test OM X Soil Test pH X Soil Test P X Soil Test K) / (Historic Soil Test Results)) X (Crop Rotation X Nitrogen Rate-Timing-Form X Tillage) X Soil Biological Diversity X Weather X Space X Time

How is the crop progressing in my fields, in my county, in my state? 

YieldPRO™ has boots on the ground scouting over half a million acres across the Co-Alliance trade territory. Growers will have 10-20% of their acres scouted each growing season for crop growth progress, weeds, diseases, and insects. Each week growers will receive a regional crop report summarizing the past weeks scouts’ findings. The Co-Alliance team will use this data to work alongside growers for current or future decision making.

Are you getting the best ROI out of each acre? 

That is where the YieldPRO™ Acre comes in! Co-Alliance has a variety of programs and events for growers to participate in to see agronomic practices come to life and benchmark their personal results.

There are new agricultural technologies promoted to growers daily. YieldPRO™ is constantly testing the latest tools and technologies to understand how they will impact a grower’s farming operation. The YieldPRO™ team will provide you with a unbiased digital summary of the latest technologies like drone sprayers, autonomous implements, IoT devices, etc.

YieldPRO™’s goal is to make agronomic data and insights digestible and easily available for growers to consume.

Growers will have access to the following YieldPRO™ Acre digital tool apps:

  • Weather
  • Nitrogen model
  • Disease model
  • Crop growth stage tool
  • Digital record storage
  • Scouting