Making Investments, Removing Limits.

Co-Alliance Agronomy

Continually Improving to Grow Your ROI

At Co-Alliance, we get excited about finding new ways to help our growers succeed. We continually invest in people, equipment and technology to give us the best opportunity to remove yield-limiting factors and make each new year more successful than the last.

We understand that our partnership with a farming operation relies on our ability to get on the farm and deliver a return on investment. That’s why we work so hard to make sure we have a broad mix of agronomic solutions to match customer needs.

Whether you grow non-GMO crops or want to maximize yield from every acre, our objective is to deliver the best option for your farm at a competitive price.

Co-Alliance Agronomy Locations


We have dozens of locations across our territory. We’re proud of investments we’ve made to reliably meet the needs of our farmer members, regardless of their size and scale.

Agronomy Services

Eliminating the Noise for Better Solutions

While we rely heavily on data to chart our agronomic course, there’s still no substitute for human expertise.

Our people not only interpret the data, they also see factors that data don’t reveal through their knowledge of local soils and growing conditions.

We work closely with our growers to plan for the future, and we create plans in the winter to identify products, rates and other input factors by crop. Early planning sets clear expectations for next season, which allows growers to gauge expenses and capture discounts by prepaying for product.

We Do the Homework

Crop protection is critical for farming success, but it’s also an increasingly complicated part of the equation.

New product categories, weed resistance, regulatory requirements and other issues can be overwhelming. Co-Alliance is here to help simplify and manage crop protection decisions.

We work side by side with you to assess each field’s needs and determine what level of performance best fits the soil’s potential. Whether it’s herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or some other product, we focus on providing a management program that delivers season-long control.

Agronomy Products


Our agronomy locations carry a broad product inventory to allow customers convenient and timely access. We also actively assess new products to determine which hold the most promise for our area. Co-Alliance is an approved retailer for all ag chem basic manufacturers, and we have access to the latest technologies and products.

Custom Products Application

Custom Application

Crop protection products are highly regulated, and there can be liability associated with drift or incorrect applications. That’s why we employ professional applicators and continually invest in our people to make sure they are highly trained. We equip our locations with the most current technology, which ensures timely product applications and accurate customer records for optimum performance and ROI.

Meeting our Customers Needs and Then Some

Applying the right fertilizer source, at the right time, in the right amount, and on the right place can be a challenging task given unpredictable weather and varying soils. That’s why Co-Alliance focuses on operational excellence to meet our growers’ changing needs.

We watch the markets and analyze price trends so we can work with our growers to recommend purchasing strategies that make the most sense for them.

Our managers and sales team work in lockstep with their customers so we're prepared to meet demand as it changes.

We invest in our hubs to allow us to move large volumes in tight time frames.

We invest in our retail locations to provide fertilizer storage near the farms where it will be used.

Fertilizer Products

We offer a multitude of dry and liquid fertilizer. We also offer micronutrients, enhanced efficiency fertilizers and specialty products. We custom blend to specific prescriptions for each field, but we are also flexible and can change strategy as needed when original plans don’t pan out.

Custom Application

We own a large fleet of application equipment, and we also employ the latest technology to be as efficient and accurate as possible. We accumulate as applied data and get that information back to our DataOnTouch portal nearly immediately. This allows the farmer to know the status of applications at any given time. In addition to fall and spring applications, we can apply nutrients in-season with our high-clearance fertilizer applications. This provides the late nitrogen application your crop has always wanted and needed.

Quality Seed, Knowledgeable Selection

We offer a broad line of seed brands and traits, which allows our agronomy experts nearly unlimited choice in selecting the hybrids and varieties to meet your objectives.

Our team utilizes data from field scouting and precision ag techniques to evaluate soil types, production practices, and weed, insect and disease pressures. We then select the highest quality genetics and technologies for your operation to deliver a successful harvest.

Seed treatment

Conditions are not always perfect when a seed goes into the ground. Seed treatments can provide added protection to get the plant off to a healthy start. Our seed treaters are located across our territory, where we apply fungicide, insecticide, inoculants, growth regulators and micronutrients.

Seed Brands

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Seed Financing

Co-Alliance offers a range of financing options through its preferred partners to fill an operation’s individual needs. Contact the Co-Alliance Finance department for more information about specific programs available to you.

Delivering More per Acre. Precisely.

Co-Alliance has been on the front of the precision agriculture movement for years, and we offer a wide range of products and services to capture the benefits this technology provides.

Soil Sampling

Management zone soil sampling and variable rate applications make sure fertility is where it needs to be – not too much or little.

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Variable rate seeding

For more than a decade, our team had been combining agronomic recommendations and economic factors to improve profit potential. Our prescriptions put higher plant populations on soils that can support them.

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Field scouting

We offer a scouting program you can design for your operation. Our scouts are trained to identify weeds, diseases and disorders and other problems before they become an issue to make sure our game plan is playing out like it should and maximize value per acre.

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Aerial imagery

Using the latest drone technology, we’re able to take a higher perspective on your crops to uncover agronomic issues and forecasts yield, allowing you to make quick and efficient decisions.

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Field Tissue Sampling and Lab Analyisis

Improve your yield potential by determining nutrient update in plants. We offer both field tissue sample collection services and lab analysis for multiple crops with the results uploaded to your DataOnTouch account. 

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The award-winning online portal provides all your data in one place, including accounting, maps, weather, and scouting reports so you can make the right decision for your operation.

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Service bundles

Co-Alliance is an industry leader in providing the latest agronomic services to our customers, including soil sampling, scouting, seeding and DataOnTouch.

Talk to your agronomy representative for more information on our service offerings and take advantage of service bundles that allow you to access multiple services for one low cost.

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