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Custom Blends

Custom Feed Blends are on order Monday through Friday with a 500# minimum. All of our custom feed is made fresh here with locally grown corn. We take pride in helping to support our local farming community. We make and stock the following feeds at all times. If you would like a large quantity over 1,000 please call ahead and we will make sure to have it waiting for you.

Dog and Cat Food

Our featured brands for your pet include American Natural, Hi-Point, and Red Flannel products but we are constantly updating our store stock. We also offer flea and tick control products.

American Natural Premium Products

Hi-Point Dog & Cat Food Products

Horse Feed

We’re proud to offer a full line of Purina Horse products to our customers. Click through to explore the Purina horse feed product information.

Purina Impact – Senior Horse and Sweetener

Purina Strategy - All Products

Purina Strategy - All Products

Cattle Feed

Achieve peak rate of gain with our in-house blends of cattle feed made right on site from area grown corn. Alongside our in-house blends we also offer Purina products and Vita Plus calf starter and concentrate, and Beef concentrate.

Michiana Blend - 13% Beef/Goat Grower

Michiana Blend - 16% Michiana Cattle/Goat


Our high-protein blends are created so that your flock gets the nutrients needed to operate at peak efficiency. Both commercial growers and backyard enthusiasts use our feed for results they can count on.

Michiana Blend – 16% Layer Mash

Michiana Blend – 20% Broiler/ Chick Finisher

Michiana Blend – 24% Turkey/ Quail Grower


We offer feeds for both goat and sheep at any stage of life -- custom blends to help start and fill your animal, as well as proven products from Vita Plus.

Michiana Blend – 13%
Beef/Goat Grower

Michiana Blend – 16%

Kid Goat Starter
Meat Goat Grower
20% Lamb Creep
16% Lamb Grower

Bird and Rabbit

For the bird watcher and rabbit enthusiast we offer the leading brands of seed and feed as well as the Mazuri product line for pets off the beaten path. Click below for specific product information.

Naturalist Bird Seed

Purina Rabbit

Mazuri Products


Get your hogs to market weight with our original blends made from the best local ingredients.

Michiana Blend - 16%
Swine Grower


Michiana Blend – 14%
Swine Finisher

Show Feed

Our show blends are made with the finest quality ingredients for both growing and finishing your fair animal. Feed for all species is available and can be custom made upon request for those projects requiring a special feed plan. We also offer Purina Show Chow and Supplements.

Michiana Blend – 16% Show Pig Finisher

Michiana Blend – 18% Show Pig Grower

Honor Show Chow & High Octane Show Supplements

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